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Pass the SALT (Security And Libre Talks) is a technical conference about Free Software (or Open Format/Protocol) and Security where hackers from many Security and Free Software fields come to exchange knowledge and cooperate.

Usual Suspects ?

You would like to know what kind of speakers usually submit to this CFP ? You can look at this list of previous years speakers :-)
You are (too) shy ? You do not recognize yourself into these descriptions ?
Just submit and we will exchange with you in a respectful and warm manner :-)

(Hot) Topics ?

We definitively want to have submissions from different Security fields. We want to facilitate interactions between different Security and Free Software communities.
You can see an on-going list of previous achievements there : link
This year, we would really like to cover : All usual Security topics are of course welcome : DFIR, Network, Secure Coding etc.
And, obviously, if you have a brilliant and/or “strange” idea, just SUBMIT !

Single requirement: speaking about (Free Software OR Open Standard) AND Security :-)

The Format & the Timeline

You can propose: The language : all the talks will be given in English in order to share the conference with non French speaking speakers in the more confortable manner.

The different dates are :

Submit: HOW-TO

Submit in 3 actions :

Travel Costs

Pass the SALT is a community and volunteers handled, free access event with quite a low budget. So we try to support first the speakers with low resources such as students or coming from developing countries. We only support flight/train costs, not accommodation.

We ask speakers companies (if any) for taking in charge flight and accommodations costs as much as possible. And, of course, we try to do our best for taking in charge most speakers that ask for.


Just send your questions to cfp@pass-the-salt.org, if any.
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