Pass the SALT is officially launched!


After many years curating the RMLL Security Track (last year edition program), we (Mathieu Blanc, Christophe Brocas, Philippe Teuwen and, joining this year, Cedric Foll) have decided to take the leap and to create an autonomous and free (as in free beer) event dedicated to Free Software and Security.

We really want to thank all the people met during all these years of RMLL organization with a particular focus for tracks chairwomen and chairmen : we achieved plenty of good things, and when we failed, we managed to recover all together. Thanks for that !

Nevertheless, we aspire to have a little more permanence, serenity and autonomy. And it takes the form of a new conference ;-)


We want to set up a moment in the year where people coming from different Security and Free Software communities (Incident Response, reverse, crypto, development, OS and network but also hacktivists, privacy oriented developers, etc) can exchange and act together with a focus on cross-pollination of ideas :)

More about this and previous years results there.


Please, be kind to push the information everywhere you can and submit to the Call for Papers which will be published on January 23!

Hope (really) to hear you soon! Mathieu, Christophe, C├ędric and Philippe